Red Line Syria

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Tue, 2012-12-04 02:48 -- John Batchelor
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spoke to Larry Kudlow on CNBC "Kudlow Report" in re the declarations by POTUS Obama and StateSec Clinton that Syria's use of WMD is a "red line" that can trigger intervention.  My information is that much of Syria's WMD was transferred into the arsenals in the early days of the Iraq War.  On April 5, 2003, a Republican Guard convoy of 300 tanks, 100 BMRLs, and the whole of Iraq's WMD passed into Syria in a surreptitious manner, using captured American vehicles (with US identification signals) at the fore and aft to masquerade the column as friendly.  My information is that the WMD remains in many locations, and that the Russians know where most or all of it is, since they sold it to Saddam.  Why are Obama and Clinton speaking out again about "red line," repeating what they said earlier in the year?  My assumption is that this is a message to Russia and Iran more than to the defeated, deaf and likely doomed Assad.  Am told that the WMD is mainly a problem to be dealt with at some point by using air assault.  It does not require invasion.  The puzzle is: if the US and its sponsored surrogates, Cairo, Ankara and Doha, will use the WMD "red line" as a casus belli.  My information is that the risk of an intervention is that the whole region is unstable; and Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon may not be able to withstand intact the crisis of a NATO invasion of Syria.  My information is that the US and UK troops in Jordan (see photo above) are not in country to train for a Syrian collapse.  Rather, the US and UK are present to discourage a military coup in Jordan -- a coup that is regarded as probable in order to protect the kingdom from the predatory Islamists called the Moslem Brothers (kindred to the same thugs in Egypt and linked directly to the jihadists disguised as the "Free Syrian Army" in Aleppo and Damascus).  In sum, there are no solutions to the Syrian civil war that do not make the present chaos much worse.  In most instances, the driver of the troubles is the predatory state of Iran; and at this juncture, Iran is turning up the threats in order to intimidate the US.  It is working; hence the redundant warnings to Iran and its axis by POTUS and Mrs. Clinton.